Series 610 Single-Hung and Series 620 Sliding Windows

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Series 610 Single-Hung and Series 620 Sliding Windows

Customization meets common sense.

With a design pressure (DP) rating tested for the commercial marketplace and the ability to be glazed on the inside for easy installation, our single-hung and sliding windows are perfect for projects from luxury hotels and resorts to office spaces and modern homes.

A thermally broken aluminum option makes the Series 610 and 620 energy-efficient. And because each is designed to integrate with our large sliding glass doors and fixed windows, there are nearly infinite ways to customize.  


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“They’re the only manufacturer that cares about details the way I do.” Emilio Locascio, Gemini Development

Product Features

Clean Design

Engineered for smooth operation, maximum ventilation, and a modern aesthetic, our single-hung and sliding windows are designed with premium hardware and a 4.5” frame depth

Mulling Options

Both window styles can be directly mulled to most of Western Window Systems’ product lines such as hinged doors, sliding doors, and fixed window walls. This male/female mulling feature is unique in aluminum fenestration products and eliminates the need for operable inserts while maximizing glass and narrowing sight lines.

Locking System

A positive-acting T-lock engages an integrated strike in the frame’s center bar. Available in black and brushed nickel finish.


After-market screening solutions are available. Screening is not available through Western Window Systems.

Tested for Durability

Because we build and test our windows to last, you can enjoy your Western Window Systems product for years to come. Manufactured in the U.S., each of our product families is tested for air, water, and structural performance and certified by the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) and AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association).

Climate Ready Glass

We use dual-paned low-E glass for better energy performance. Glass can be customized in a variety of types, colors, and thicknesses for improved privacy, protection, and thermal efficiency.

Series 610 Single-Hung Window




The Series 610 Single Hung Window features a top sash that is fixed and a bottom sash that moves up to open and let in fresh air. Sometimes referred to as a sash window, it’s easy to operate, and its clean contemporary look makes it ideal for any home style. Completely customizable and low-maintenance, the Series 610 can be glazed on the inside, making for easier installation on commercial projects.

Spiral Balancers

The Series 610 is equipped with spiral balancers for better adjustability and smoother operation to control the sash in the open position.


Single-hung windows are available with a maximum vent size of 48” in width and 36” in height, and with a frame height up to 96”. Vent height is typically half the window height. Custom vent heights are available, but cannot exceed half the window height.

Locking System

Window locks are T-latch and concealed with a slim cover. Available in black and brushed nickel finishes.


Slimline Cover 610/620

Slimline Cover 610/620

Spiral Balancer 610


Series 620 Sliding Window

Offering a maximum view to the outdoors, the Series 620 Slider features two or three sashes aligned horizontally and sliding left or right. One sash slides open in a single slider. A double slider allows both sashes to open. Countless sizes and finishes let you customize as you see fit. And because it’s aluminum, the Series 620 is also low maintenance.


A double sash option is available up to 96” in width and 72” in height. Triple sash windows are also available.


All fasteners on the sliding window are stainless steel. The roller is modeled after our popular multi-slide door.


Included with all single-hung and sliding windows, our screens are made of extruded aluminum for additional strength.




Roller Assembly 620



T-latch 620

“They’re the only manufacturer that cares about details the way I do.” Emilio Locascio, Gemini Development

Options Aluminum Finishes

Satin Anodized
Bronze Anodized
Hillside Bronze
Bison Beige
Stonish Beige
Autumn Night
Cinnamon Toast

Aluminum Finishes

Aluminum finishes for the Series 610 Single-Hung and Series 620 Sliding Window are available in-stock, as designer selections, and can be customized to match nearly any color. Samples shown are representative only. For exact paint swatch samples, contact us.

In-Stock Finishes

Bronze Anodized and Satin Anodized aluminum come standard with a Class 1 coating thickness for increased smoothness and durability.

Designer Finishes

Our designer colors are based upon popular paint choices in the homebuilding industry and include a high-quality paint finish that conforms to a minimum rating of AAMA-2605, currently the highest rating for organic finishes.

Custom Finishes

Have a specific color in mind? We can customize the color of your Series 610 Single-Hung and Series 620 Sliding Window to match virtually any finish.