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Office EOM - January 2015

Pam Sutherland

Beyond money, performance, or value, creating positive relationships with our customers is what matters most in today’s highly competitive business world. And delivering an unforgettable customer experience is what Pam Sutherland does best. Read more »

Office EOM - December 2014

Dave Schappert

Getting a job done with excellence means asking the right questions. Understanding what questions to ask comes with experience. For Dave Schappert, that know-how started over two decades ago. Read more »

Office EOM - November 2014

Tim Hurd

Passion and energy help us carry out goals, but focus gives us a solid foundation to work from. Tim Hurd, of the service and continuous improvement area at Western Window Systems, is an expert at zeroing in, knuckling down, and getting results. Read more »

Office EOM - October 2014

Rees Buchanan

With 20 years (and counting) at Western Window Systems, Rees Buchanan has taken on several roles -- from shipping manager to positions in the production control office and service areas. In his most recent job as glass purchasing agent, Buchanan, as he’s done in the past, is making it his own. Read more »

Office EOM - September 2014

Jeff Delay

When it comes to the attitude you have at work, you can choose to be happy and optimistic or negative and critical. Jeff Delay, application analyst at Western Window Systems, is the former – and his positivity isn’t lost on his coworkers. Read more »

Office EOM - August 2014

Daniel Brasic

Western Window Systems web developer Daniel Brasic is ready with solutions – lots of solutions – both long and short term. And in many cases, he has them before you even think to ask. Read more »

Office EOM - July 2014

Fernando Reyes

A can-do attitude and a willingness to help on the manufacturing floor after working a desk job all day have made Fernando Reyes one of the most sought-after employees at Western Window Systems. Read more »

Office EOM - June 2014

Michel Powell

For Michel Powell in accounts receivable, every detail counts. And with the growth rate of Western Window Systems currently around 80%, the details are more essential than ever. Read more »

Shop Employee of the Month – December 2013

Danny Bach

Working in manufacturing is similar to a roller coaster ride: there are plenty of ups and downs. What matters is how you choose to respond. In the case of Larry Huerta, it’s with a great attitude. Read more »