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The New American Home 2020, Las Vegas

When architect Dan Coletti was asked to design The New American Home 2020 (TNAH 2020), a yearly showpiece for the latest design and construction ideas, his challenge was to top what he had done in 2019.

Carol Kurth Art House 2.0

Art Meets Nature

In this modern Home set on a wooded property in Westchester County, New York, architect Carol Kurth blends the natural environment with the artistic ambiance of a gallery. Read More »

Latest Houzz Reviews

“My mini dachshund Lucy recently chewed the small white plugs inserted into the bottom of the panels as she was teething. I emailed customer support and what do you know, my email was answered immediately and they were sending new rubber inserts to take care of the problem! Great customer service.“ - Douglas Krebs, builder Read More »