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Western Window Systems’ New Series 7600 by Modern in Denver

Modern in Denver magazine discusses how Western Window Systems’ Classic line of doors and windows already were popular among Denver architects looking to give their clients huge expanses of glass and the ultimate indoor-outdoor living experience. Now, those same architects are singing the praises of the company’s new Series 7000 Performance line of products. Read more »

This Architect’s Home Embraces Oceanfront Views by Dwell

Architect Jonathan Segal and son Matthew created a modernist marvel near San Diego, complete with breathtaking views (courtesy of Western Window Systems’ huge walls of glass) of the Pacific Ocean. Meet the duo and hear what they have to say about the home in this informative Dwell.com article. Read more »

How to Pick the Most Energy-Efficient Doors and Windows by Dwell

This Dwell.com article talks about how Western Window Systems doors and windows are as energy efficient as they are beautiful and easy to use. The story takes note of the company’s new Series 7000 Performance line of multi-slide doors, Western Window Systems’ strongest and most energy efficient products to date. Read more »

Dan Brunn Architecture and Dwell Break Ground on Bridge House in L.A. by Dwell

One of the more unique homes currently under construction in Los Angeles is a 210-foot-long, single-level home that straddles one of the many streams flowing through the city’s Hancock Park neighborhood. This Dwell.com article discuses the project and how Western Window Systems will play a part in the home’s design. Read more »

This Sleek Desert Home Seems to Melt Into the Sky by Dwell

Read about a Scottsdale home that reflects (literally) the beauty of the McDowell Mountains outside Phoenix. The Dwell.com article describes how the upper and lower levels of the Chen + Suchart Studios-design home provide split views that speak to the duality of public and private spaces. Western Window Systems products fittingly appear throughout the home. Read more »

An Atypical Modern Home in Southern California by Dwell

The Wabi House serves as an object lesson in how the most spectacular creative results are accomplished, according to this interesting Dwell.com article. Designed by Sebastian Mariscal, the home is one of a kind, due in no small part to the eye-popping six-panel floor-to-ceiling multi-slide door from Western Window Systems. Read more »

Western Window Systems Brings the Outside In by GB&D.com

GB&D.com takes a thorough look at Western Window Systems, its products, and how they fit into some of the nation’s most stunning home designs of recent years. Specifically, it details the company’s focus on providing the best indoor-outdoor living experience possible, with special mention of the new Series 7000 Performance line of products. Read more »