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2015 Office Employee of the Year

Kelli Davis

After 29 years at Western Window Systems, Kelli Davis has seen more changes in the company than just about anyone. But one thing remains constant: her passion and commitment to her job, her coworkers, and her customers. Read more »

Office EOM - November 2015

Stephen Molinar

In the area of continuous improvement, janitor Stephen Molinar is the first to ask, “Can I do more? How can I improve?” and “Is there anything you need?” Read more »

Office EOM - October 2015

Jose Piña

When you look at great support staff positions for sales teams, they tend to have several critical traits rolled into one: being prepared, asking questions, and solving problems. Jose Piña, sales support for Western Window Systems’ custom sales team, Read more »

Office EOM - September 2015

Kylie Mullins

Helping others should come naturally for those in business. But often, because we’re too caught up in our own problems, it doesn’t come as easy as we’d like it to. Not so for Kylie Mullins of Western Window Systems’ accounts receivable department Read more »

Office EOM - August 2015

Katie Nau

One thing you’ll never hear from Katie Nau is, “That’s not my job.” The executive assistant at Western Window Systems isn’t above taking on undesirable tasks, helping others, or working extra hours on projects. Read more »

Office EOM - July 2015

Mike Peetz

Ask any sales rep how selling has changed in the past decade, and chances are you’ll hear the answer, “It’s a lot harder.” Yet, Western Window Systems’ Volume Program sales representative Mike Peetz makes it look easy. How does he do it? Read more »

Office EOM - June 2015

Mike Seckler

Few would argue that in business, the importance of a top-notch accounting team can’t be over-emphasized. Essential to a company’s stability and growth, this team assists with corporate strategy, provides advice, and helps to mitigate risk. Read more »

Office EOM - May 2015

Dianna Montes

For Dianna Montes, a team member of Western Window Systems’ production control office since 2011, the road to success is paved with grit and determination. Her persistence in the face of obstacles, willingness to work hard, and enthusiasm for learning new things have resulted in several achievements within the company. Read more »

Office EOM - April 2015

Zack Molitor

In business, as in life, we respect people who do what they say they will. Zack Molitor, sales support for Western Window Systems, can be trusted to get things done – just ask his coworkers. Read more »

Office EOM - March 2015

Elvie Reilly

Western Window Systems purchasing agent Elvie Reilly brings energy and initiative to her job every day. And considering that her responsibilities include buying over 700 parts and managing relationships with nearly 70 suppliers, that commitment translates to both personal and team success. Read more »

Office EOM - February 2015

Michael Frederick

Details, details, details. For Michael Frederick, production analyst at Western Window Systems, attention to detail ensures that mistakes are less likely to happen, tasks are completed on time, and excellence is achieved. Read more »