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2016 Office Employee of the Year

Richard Mazur

Last year proved to be a turning point in the Western Window Systems’ history, with every employee chipping in to take the company to the next level. Read more »

January 23, 2017

Office Employee of the Month – November 2016

Jennifer Lopez

A mistake repeated over and over, going unnoticed for years. It wasn’t until Jennifer Lopez, senior cost analyst at Western Window System, started asking questions and mining for answers that the error was uncovered and rectified. Read more »

November 19, 2016

Office Employee of the Month – October 2016

Kraig Hoekstra

To make it in engineering, you’ve got to know how to analyze, examine, and then improve what it’s front of you. It’s what makes manufacturing engineer Kraig Hoekstra so good at his job. Read more »

October 17, 2016

Office Employee of the Month – September 2016

Tim Hurd

Just about anyone can do what is asked of them. Tim Hurd, of the safety, quality, and continuous improvement (CI) team at Western Window Systems, takes the initiative to do more. Read more »

September 28, 2016

Office Employees of the Month – August 2016

Alfredo Avila, Milo Morales, and Fernando Reyes

Literature has its Three Musketeers, cinema has its ¡Three Amigos!, and Western Window Systems has Alfredo Avila, Milo Morales, and Fernando Reyes: Three superstar CNC programming employees who worked together to solve one big problem. Read more »

August 19, 2016

Office Employee of the Month – July 2016

John Hernandez

John Hernandez is a true success story. Prior to joining the sales team at Western Window Systems in a support capacity, Hernandez, who started in 2012, headed up several departments on the company’s manufacturing floor, including the Series 670 and Series 600 window lines. The added expertise has helped him flourish in more ways than one. Read more »

July 19, 2016

Office Employee of the Month - May 2016

Diana Montes

Oftentimes, we’re so busy at work that the last thing we want is more responsibility. Not so for Diana Montes. Part of the production control team at Western Window Systems since 2011, she’s shown that she not only can handle extra work, but can be trusted to do a good job as well. Read more »

June 1, 2016

Office Employee of the Month – April 2016

Anna Gothier

The most successful people in business are usually incredibly knowledgeable about the details of what they do. That could be said of Anna Gothier, sales support for the Volume Program team at Western Window Systems. With a near obsessive focus, she exhibits an extraordinary ability to pay attention to even the smallest details. Read more »

April 15, 2016

Office Employee of the Month – March 2016

Audrey Kenn

Since she started with the company in November 2015, business intelligence analyst Audrey Kenn has been listening: to customers, to coworkers, to the executive team, to just about everyone. And the results are paying off in a big way. Read more »

March 22, 2016

Office Employee of the Month - February 2016


Kyle Niemier

American photographer David Alan Harvey said, “Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.” It’s advice that Kyle Niemier, photographer for Western Window Systems, takes to heart. His images tell a story of beautiful views, fresh air and sunshine, and blending the indoors with the outside. Read more »

February 26, 2016

Office Employees of the Month – January 2016

The Accounting Team

Most folks don’t realize the importance of the accounting department. That might be because responsibilities such as accounts payable, revenue tracking, payroll, reporting, and financial controls are considered “back office,” or support functions, in business. You might not think much about these activities, but chances are you’d take notice if they didn’t get done. Read more »

February 1, 2016