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Unrivaled Mountain Views

A modern interpretation of a Western ranch home.

To take advantage of the stunning views of the McDowell Mountains east of the North Scottsdale neighborhood where he lives, architect Dale Gardon of Dale Gardon Designs made the most of Western Window Systems products.
Dale Gardon Designs
Two large sliding doors seamlessly merge the kitchen with a fully outfitted outdoor living space.

Gardon designed the contemporary Western ranch in Scottsdale’s upscale DC Ranch community for him and his family knowing that he wanted to create a seamless convergence between the indoors and the outdoors with Western Window Systems’ sliding glass doors and windows.

“Open the sliders and you’re almost camping, but with all the comforts of the home and a view of the city lights and the canyon.” Brooks Dunn, principal, Dunn Architecture Studio
Dale Gardon Designs
A collection of large fixed corner windows gives residents a stunning view of Scottsdale’s McDowell Mountains.
“The exterior design and massing with a broad, shaded porch are like older ranch homes,” says Gardon, who’s owned his company since 1999. “And the natural metal finish of Western Window Systems products reflect the character of Western regional ranch architecture, but with a contemporary interpretation and current materials that provide longer-lasting durability.”
Dale Gardon Designs
The outdoor living space cleanly transitions to the kitchen/dining room thanks to Western Window Systems’ moving walls of glass.
To merge the inside of the home with the outdoors, Gardon employed two Series 600 Sliding Glass Doors, one 15 feet wide and another 16 feet wide and each featuring insulated, low-E glass to improve energy efficiency. Elsewhere in the home are three double sliding doors as well as dozens of Western Window Systems casement and sliding windows featuring anodized aluminum finishes.
Dale Gardon Designs
A massive sliding door maintains energy efficiency in sunny Scottsdale.
“The anodized aluminum was compatible with the exterior and interior materials to provide a nice accent,” Gardon says.
Dale Gardon Designs
Western Window Systems’ casement windows come in all shapes and sizes.
The numerous large openings and big glass treatments were essential to Gardon’s vision of what a contemporary Western ranch should look like.
Dale Gardon Designs
The broad, shaded porch is reminiscent of traditional Western ranch homes.
Dale Gardon Designs
Large Western Window Systems’ fixed windows allow plenty of natural Arizona sunlight during the daytime.
“The sliding doors open up to plenty of outdoor living spaces, they create indoor-outdoor connectivity, and they provide panoramic views in many directions,” Gardon says. “All in addition to allowing in plenty of natural light throughout the day.”
Dale Gardon Designs
A sleek, contemporary hinge door beckons visitors to this beautiful DC Ranch property.
“The sliding doors provide panoramic views in many directions.” - Dale Gardon, architect
Dale Gardon Designs
Unstoppable views, courtesy of Western Window Systems.