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For years, homeowners have sought a seamless transition from the interior of their homes to outdoor living spaces, using moving glass walls to
It’s no secret that in many parts of the country, indoor-outdoor living actually gets better when summer turns to fall. The bugs buzz off, the
Moving glass walls have stepped up the staycation game. By connecting indoor and outdoor living areas, they expand lounge-worthy space, transforming
Glass Bathrooms We Could Spend All Day In
Thanks to indoor-outdoor bathrooms, lounging around a luxurious spa and communing with the great outdoors aren’t mutually exclusive activities.
Master suites seem to be getting larger and grander every year. Many have evolved beyond big bedrooms with connected bathrooms into luxurious living
Breathtaking Views to Ring in 2019
Whether it’s the San Francisco Bay or the wildlife in your backyard, framing beautiful views is one of the major benefits of big glass. Peruse some
Our Five Favorite Indoor-Outdoor Homes of 2019
Homes designed for the indoor-outdoor lifestyle can be as diverse as the people who live in them. From an island-inspired SoCal beachside retreat to