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A dark, aging home transforms into an award-winning contemporary statement.

Turning an aging Cape Cod-style home, with its dark and rather dreary exterior, into an upbeat remodel, complete with open floor plan, stately façade, and lots of big glass, proved to be an award-winning venture for architect Brett Linscott.
Denver Delight
Low-E glass in these fixed bedroom windows provide maximum energy efficiency.
Denver-based Architectural Workshop’s refresh on the 7,660-square-foot Cherry Hills Residence in suburban Englewood, Colorado, was named Project of the Year in Remodeling magazine’s 2018 Remodeling Design Awards. For Linscott, associate principal at the firm, it was a chance to give his clients a unique style in the home’s longstanding neighborhood while maintaining its footprint on a wide, triangular two-acre lot.
“We had the opportunity to maximize the openings, and we were able to offer a through-house transparency that did not exist before,” says Linscott. “Just the ability to see through the home strategically without jeopardizing privacy was an amazing result.”
“The question we asked ourselves was how to create ‘wow’ moments without a full-scale remodel.” Brett Linscott, associate principal, Architectural Workshop
Denver Delight
The clean lines and narrow profiles of these windows and hinge door offer a contemporary aesthetic.
The see-through look starts with a gorgeous library in the front of the home, highlighted by an amazing side-by-side combination of 5-by-10-foot expanses of glass to form a window wall. With its .87-inch lites, the window wall met the homeowners’ desire for a rural and European steel window look while offering a contemporary aesthetic and energy-efficient performance.
“The library is probably the most stunning niche space,” Linscott says. “The transparency and detail inside are fun to see.”
Denver Delight
The modern appearance of Western Window Systems windows complement the offbeat interior design of this bedroom.
In the back of the house, Linscott was able to keep the existing open floor plan of the living and dining rooms while modernizing it with higher ceilings and an indoor-outdoor living component. Two stacking 15-foot-wide-by-8-foot-tall Series 600 Multi-Slide Doors form a 90-degree portal to the outdoor living space. When both multi-slides are open, the main living space is expanded greatly.
“The sliding doors achieved greater views and accessibility to the exterior patio. It’s just fantastic,” he says.
Denver Delight
The library, with its 10-by-10-foot window wall, is the centerpiece of the home.
The steel window look also appears in the attractive breakfast nook, with its 180-degree exposure to the large lot, and in the second-floor bedrooms, as well, with several Series 670 Casement Windows giving the homeowners the Old World feel they were looking for. “The new windows were larger than the previous ones, allowing more natural light throughout the home, and the thin, dark aluminum frames give way to spacious openings.”
Denver Delight
Two stacking multi-slide doors seamlessly blend the indoors with the outside.
Two Series 900 Hinged Doors in the second-floor master bedroom get the French door treatment, leading out to a wraparound balcony and covered patio. Reclaimed horizontal wooden boards were utilized throughout to offer contrast to the modern interior styling and a historical nod to the home’s rural surroundings.
“We were able to really push the feeling of openness outdoors.” Brett Linscott, associate principal, Architectural Workshop
Denver Delight
The extensive remodel breathed much-needed new life into what was a tired-looking Cape Cod-style home.
The remodel also boasts two kitchen islands positioned at 90 degrees, a craft room, a finished basement with theater, lounge space, and a bar, and an exercise room that takes in loads of natural light courtesy of a window well beneath the lavish library.
Denver Delight
Big glass on the facade provides an inviting look into the remodeled home.
Construction: C4 LTD
Dealer: Clearview Distributors