Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door

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Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door

The Bi-Fold Door, Now Even Better

Reinvented for strength and energy efficiency, the Series 7950 Aluminum Bi-Fold Door is a perfect solution for architects, builders, and homeowners who want to design, build, and experience indoor-outdoor living in a variety of weather conditions.

As durable as it’s impeccably designed, it's built with premium grade materials and a flush sill option for a seamless transition from the indoors to the outside.


Western Window Systems Reinvents Aluminum Bi-Fold Door for Strength, Energy Efficiency

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Aluminum vs. Wood: Make an Informed Choice

Download our free white paper and learn about the perceptions and realities of these two distinct material types as they relate to contemporary design.


"I like Western Window Systems for the refined aesthetic and the simplicity of the profiles and components of the various assemblies available, providing an option to maximize glass size and minimize structure.”Sean Guess, owner, Faye and Walker

Product Features

Energy Efficiency

The Series 7950 features a .30 U-value for standard, low-E, argon-filled dual-pane glass. A signature aluminum extrusion design utilizing proprietary Insulbar technology further reduces energy consumption. Compliant with California’s rigorous Title 24 requirements.

Climate-Ready Glass

All-climate coated or high-performance glass from Cardinal IG delivers solar control and high visibility and comes standard with the Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door. Customized glass options include laminated glass, solar- and glare-control glass, enhanced winter performance glass, and Neat low-maintenance glass. Pre-applied Cardinal Preserve film protects glass during installation.

Built for Strength

For strength against the elements, the Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door delivers a design pressure (DP) rating of 50. A thin extrusion profile with a 5.875” frame depth supports triple-pane, laminated, and security glass — essential options for noise reduction as well as impact resistance. The Series 7950 is currently in testing for hurricane impact.

Clean Design

The Series 7950 incorporates durability with a clean, contemporary design. A 3.17” stile allows for more glass and light.

Smooth Operation

Sealed stainless steel ball bearing rollers make the Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door easy to operate. A single track minimizes wall depth.

Concealed Locking System

To secure its folding panels, the Series 7950 includes a hidden stainless steel multi-point lock for additional strength and protection. Optional keyed cylinder available.

Heavy Duty Hardware

Western Window Systems uses stainless steel hardware for its door systems. Head load carrier hinges are available in standard and heavy-duty capacities for extreme panel sizes and heavy glass types.

Tested for Durability

The Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door features a design pressure (DP) rating of 50 and is STC-rated for acoustic performance.

Energy Star Rated

logo imageThe Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door features Energy Star-qualified options. Contact us for assistance.

Series 7950 Bi-Fold Window






Series 7950 Bi-Fold Window

The Series 7950 can even be designed as a window — perfect for opening up living spaces like kitchens and patio bars. Available in heights up to 12 feet in select configurations and using heavy-duty hardware.

Options Top-Load Floor Tracks


Water Barrier Sill

The Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door comes standard with a 2” water barrier sill to help safeguard against water intrusion. Finished to match the color of the frame.


Flush Sill

For a smooth transition from the inside to the outdoors, the optional flush still lines up with most interior flooring and features an interior and exterior height of just 0.958”. Finished to match the color of the frame.

The flush sill may be less effective at preventing water penetration than the high-performance water barrier sill and may not be appropriate in all climates, conditions, and exposures.



The optional U-track allows for a flush transition from room to room. The U-track is not warranted against water penetration. Available in a dark bronze finish.

"Western Window Systems' bi-fold doors created a visceral connection between the master bedroom and a serene yard with fire and water elements.”Johnny Hirsch, principal, Place

Options Handles



High-Quality Handles

Designed for durability and comfort, the Series 7950 features three high-quality, contemporary-style handles. The Dallas handle, located on all active panels, includes a keyed cylinder. A D-shaped pull handle, at the bi-fold’s pivot points, further aids in opening and closing the door. And an inactive lock handle, at the door’s pivot points, secures the door panels with steel pins at the head and sill.

Dallas and inactive lock handles are available in brushed nickel or black. The D-shaped pull handle is available in stainless steel or black.

"Western Window Systems provides well-built products, and its forward-thinking details impressed me and were well-suited to the project.”Johnny Hirsch, principal, Place


Simulated Steel

Part of our all-new simulated steel line, the Series 7950 Bi-Fold Door can be manufactured to look like steel. Your vision, now more affordable than ever.

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Options Aluminum Finishes

Satin Anodized
Bronze Anodized
Hillside Bronze *
Bison Beige *
Briar *
Stonish Beige *
Autumn Night *
Warmtone *
Cinnamon Toast *
White *

In-Stock Finishes

Bronze Anodized and Satin Anodized aluminum come standard with a Class 1 coating thickness for increased smoothness and durability.

Designer Finishes

Our designer colors are based on popular paint choices in the homebuilding industry and include a high-quality paint finish that conforms to a minimum rating of AAMA-2605, currently the highest rating for organic finishes.

Custom Finishes

Have a specific color in mind? We can customize the color of your multi-slide door to match virtually any finish.

Split Finishes

For additional design flexibility, the Series 7950 is available in split finishes, where different finishes are used on opposite sides of the door. 
* Available as a split finish

For exact paint swatch samples, contact us.