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Sustainable in Seattle

”Emphasis on design was a big part of this unique project“

Seattle's recently completed 47+7 apartment building is more than just a visually stunning vertical composite of residences. The building, whose name is reflective of its address in the city's bustling University District, is a physical manifestation of the core values of Sustainable Living Innovations (SLI),the design and building team formed by Arlan Collins and Mark Woerman of Seattle architecture firm CollinsWoerman. The focus of SLI is to build vertical residential buildings in half the time it usually takes, thereby using half of the energy and water resources and subsequently cutting down on construction costs, all with no sacrifices in regard to quality, be it aesthetic or structural.
Sustainable in Seattle
Moving glass walls, in the form of the Series 600 Multi-Slide Door, fit perfectly with the building's modern design.
The building features plenty of environmentally friendly touches, like energy-efficient appliances and cabinets made from recycled materials. The bold steel beams of the external structure make thoughtful and attractive frames around impressive floor-to-ceiling windows. To connect the indoors with substantial outdoor decks, SLI utilized Western Window Systems’ Series 600 Multi-Slide Doors. The contemporary look of these moving glass walls fits perfectly with the building's elegant and modern style, and energy-efficient features such as aluminum frames, dual-paned low-E glass, and thermoplastic spacer (TPS) technology falls in line with SLI's focus on sustainability. The 47+7 building also uses Western Window Systems’ Series 900 Hinge Door, which includes an operable awning
Sustainable in Seattle
Interior multi-slide doors greatly expand the indoor living space.
Andrew Darr, vice president of custom sales at Western Window Systems, says the fit between his company and SLI was perfect.
"Emphasis on design was a big part of this unique project," Darr says. "We were able to help them standardize openings and keep the project on budget. It was great to accomplish what they were after. We value this relationship and are excited to be a part of the project."
Sustainable in Seattle
The sleek, contemporary styling of the multi-slide door is as impressive from the outside as it is from the inside.