CEO of the Year – 2018

CEO of the Year – 2018
Dec 18, 2018

Scott Gates

What’s to keep us from calling this award “boss of the year”? Because “employee of the year” is to imply “team member of the year.” And the recipient of this award has proved time and time again to be the ultimate team player.

The standard bearer for all things excellence, innovation, and partnership, company president Scott Gates has had quite a year, which means we’ve all had quite a year. From ushering in a dozen new products to overseeing the sale of the company, Scott has done it all with skill, hard work, attention to detail, aplomb, grace, a sense of humor, and most importantly, sensitivity to all who work for and with him. In other words, #oneteam.

“When I think of Scott, I think of him putting people first – in everything he does, whether that means customers, employees, shareholders, or anybody involved with the company,” says PGT Innovations chief information officer John Engelstad.

A people person first and foremost, Scott values relationships over authoritarianism, what’s good for everybody as opposed to what’s best for him.

“Scott has total empathy for everyone here at Western Window Systems,” says Chet Willis, vice president of production builder sales.

Adds chief financial officer Heather Zorge: “I think everyone likes to say they truly care about people. Scott does care about people.”

Congratulations to Scott Gates, Western Window Systems’ CEO of the year for 2018.