How to Configure 90-Degree Bi-Fold Doors

How to Configure 90-Degree Bi-Fold Doors
Mar 16, 2015

Western Window Systems’ bi-fold doors let you choose from hundreds of configurations, including a 90-degree option that meets together without the need of a corner post, opening up adjoining walls.

If you have this unique door system on your project list, keep this phrase in mind: The odds have it.

When designing a configuration for a standard 90-degree or inverted 90-degree bi-fold door, be sure to specify an uneven number of panels on both sides of the miter. This allows the meeting panels to swing open without being captured by the track. By following this basic guideline, understanding how to configure your Western Window Systems 90-degree bi-fold door system has never been easier.

For additional information or questions on our bi-fold doors, contact your Western Window Systems representative.