5 Things to Know About Quoting Oversize Glass

5 Things to Know About Quoting Oversize Glass
Oct 19, 2020

Three products from our Series 7000 performance line of moving glass walls and windows are available with low-E oversize glass.

No longer requiring a sacrifice of either size or energy efficiency, oversize glass panels for the Series 7600 Multi-Slide Door are available in sizes up to 17 feet tall, as are the Series 7630 Window Wall and Series 7675 Fixed Window (120 square feet). Glass, supplied by Owatonna, Minnesota-based Viracon Glass, features a low-E coating that increases thermal efficiency across climate zones as well as a 10-year warranty.

While our new oversize products allow you to help customers take full advantage of breakthroughs in big glass and offer more value in the way of larger views, understanding how to quote them — and when not to — can mean the difference between a big sale and a big headache. Here are five things you’ll want to make note of when quoting oversize glass in CustomView:

  1. Series numbers available with oversize glass from Viracon are marked with a small “o” after the number (Series 7630o, Series 7675o, and Series 7600o).
  2. Viracon Glass features a 1.30” OA (overall glass thickness) that requires a longer lead time (around eight weeks). Pro tip: When quoting a project utilizing both standard and oversize glass, inside sales manager De Anne Hayhurst recommends placing the oversize units on a separate order to keep your project on track.
  3. Given the differences between standard and oversize glass such as pricing, warranty, and lead times, never quote standard size units as oversize. Double-check that you are quoting under the correct icon in CustomView.
  4. Oversize units equal or greater than 97 x 97 inches require a special trailer for delivery, thus affecting cost. If you are quoting units that match this size, you will receive a notice in CustomView that these units need to be reviewed by inside sales. Pro tip: To expedite this process, contact inside sales before they reach out to you.
  5. To help you know when to order oversize glass (and when not to), we’ve created this handy cheat sheet.

For additional information regarding how to quote oversize glass, contact your inside sales representative.