5 Terms and Conditions Reminders to Help Reduce Risks

Apr 26, 2021

While Western Window Systems’ Terms and Conditions document isn’t going to win a Pulitzer Prize this year (or ever), it exists to make sure you understand the rules around our products and to set expectations for you and your customers.

Here, we’ve highlighted five of the most important ones to help reduce risks:

1. Partner with Pros
Western Window Systems does not install its products. We recommend working with installation or construction professionals to limit the risk of installation defects, errors, or omissions, and to ensure installations comply with AAMA requirements, applicable building codes, and our written installation instructions.

2. Pick Products that Best Suit Your Project
Western Window Systems does not determine the suitability of any of its products for a particular project, design, application, climate, or customer need or use.

3. Third-Party Certifications/Standards Aren’t Our Gig
Since windows and doors are only one factor in a building’s overall envelope, Western Window Systems can’t determine if the use of its products will achieve a particular third-party certification or standard. That’s best done by the architect, contractor, dealer, installer, and other construction professionals.

4. Our Responsibility for Damages Ends Here
Western Window Systems is not responsible if damages occur because of inappropriate selection of products, faulty building design or construction, improper installation, or inaccurate orders.

5. Plan for Deliveries
Western Window Systems’ delivery drivers do not offload products, so in order to receive your delivery as scheduled, you must provide at least two individuals to offload products from the truck at the time of delivery. After products are delivered, dealers have 48 hours to report any damages to their delivery.

Still have questions? We're happy to help. Contact your sales representative for more information.