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Series 9500 - Bi-Fold Doors & Windows

Western’s 600 Series Multi-Slide Doors and Windows are the epitome of design and functionality. While in the closed position, our multi-slide systems are aesthetically pleasing with their narrow sight lines and enormous expanses of glass. Customers love the bold vertical lines and massive panel size options. No stacking door system is better for capturing a custom view. However, we know the real reason you will love our Multi-Slide products…they disappear. Every panel can slide and stack to the side or completely vanish into a pocket, opening up entire rooms to the gorgeous weather while you entertain. Go ahead, impress your friends and let Western’s moving walls of glass open your world.

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Features - series 600 multi slide doors & windows

  • Unlimited configurations and widths. Our Multi-Slide Stacking Doors can be built as wide as your project needs. Dream big.
  • Rolling panels can be stored in pockets or stacked at one or both ends of the opening.
  • Panels can bi-part at 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or any angle in between.
  • Panels are available up to a 12’ height, and width and heights can be mixed and matched to create a massive 60 square foot panel.
  • Multi Slide Doors or windows that are stored in pockets are designed to be totally flush with adjacent wall finishes, providing an unobstructed view of your patio, pool, or landscape.
  • Door panels open with ease with the option of Western’s 3” heavy duty steel ball bearing “Monster Roller”.
  • The modular frame design of our stacking system allows you to configure any number of rolling or fixed glass panels to meet your design.
  • True to our design intent, everything from handle hardware to track details are clean, minimal, and deliberately disappear.
  • Head and threshold assemblies of pocket doors are prepared to precisely locate field applied interior and exterior post interlock members to ensure a full interlock and clean installation.
  • Western’s Medium Stile has a 2.5” interlock that provides additional rigidity and strength while maintaining a clean, modern look and minimal sightline.
  • Multi-slide Doors and Windows can be prepped for motorization to allow customers to close and open the doors with the touch of a button.

Thermal Break - The Volume Program

For harsher environments we offer “Thermal Break” on both our frame and panels. Thermal break lowers u-factors, limits condensation, increases energy performance, and most of all reduces thermal conductivity. High humidity and extreme hot or cold temperatures are not an issue when choosing a Western Multiple Sliding Bi-Fold Door or Window.

Aluminum Frame Finishes - The Volume Program

If you have a color you’d like to use for your window and door products, we can provide it. Whether anodized or painted, we can generally match any color you are after. On top of unlimited color options, Western uses the highest quality finishes available today. For painted products, nearly all of Western’s colors are Kynar finishes which conform to a minimum rating of AAMA-2605 (which is the highest rating available for organic finishes today). For anodized product, our Dark Bronze and Satin anodized finishes receive a Class 1 rating which is the highest and most durable rating available for anodized aluminum finishes. Dark Bronze anodized is our most popular finish and has the best price point and production lead time. The other colors shown below are examples of Western “designer” colors which are available for a discounted price over a custom color match. These colors are for representation only. Please contact your nearest dealer or dealer representative for a full color sample list of our aluminum frame finishes and designer colors.

Western also offers our “Edge Guard” painted finish for customers that are within a few miles of the ocean. This upgrade option is a true investment in protecting your products from potential corrosion caused by salt water. This custom finishing procedure involves Western fabricating and processing all of the components associated with your window and door package before sending the metal to be painted. By painting pre-fabricated parts (instead of cutting and processing parts after they have been painted), the “Edge Guard” process ensures that there are no raw aluminum edges left unfinished, and instead sees all aluminum edges painted with the same high-quality Kynar finish that was used on the rest of the project. An upgrade to “Edge Guard” provides the additional benefit to customers of a ten-year warranty.

Aluminum Woodgrain Finishes - Western Window Systems

Another popular choice for exterior aluminum frame finishes include our aluminum wood grain powder coat finishes. Each of these various powder coat options meet AAMA 2604 specifications and come in a variety of species and stain colors. The finishes shown below are for representation only. Please contact your nearest dealer or dealer representative for actual samples or more information.

Hardware - 9500 series bi-fold doors & windows

Smooth, quiet, and long lasting operation is assured by Western’s heavy duty steel ball bearing tandem roller assemblies which are capable of handling more than twice the weight of the largest panel available. The stainless steel sliding door multi-point lock is a fully mortised hook lock that engages at multiple points in the lock jamb or panel. These hook locks provide additional strength, security, and protection. Western’s custom designed “Flush Handle” is hugely popular with architects and homeowners for its sleek design and user comfort. Customers can also choose to use the Sliding Glass Door “Premium Handle”, which has an elegant look and a C-shaped handle that feels great in your hand and allows for a strong grip. A stainless steel hardware package is optional, and strongly recommended for coastal applications.

Glass - Western Window Systems

Western’s 2600 Series Multiple Sliding Doors and Windows are designed to accommodate Duo-Pane Insulating Glass manufactured with a ½” air gap to maximize the benefit of high performance Low E. They can be glazed with a variety of glass types, colors, and configurations in thickness from 7/8” to 1” Duo-Pane.

Screens - Western Window Systems

Screens for Western’s 2600 Series Wood/Aluminum Clad Multi-Slide doors are optional and can be requested during the quoting process. They are available in aluminum frames only, and are constructed using the same frame and hardware components as the aluminum multi-slide glass doors. The screen doors are incredibly strong, smooth operating, and aesthetically pleasing. They truly have the same quality and excellence as the door itself.

Thresholds - Western Window Systems

  • The “Water Barrier” sill provides protection from water penetration and is recommended for all exterior applications. The 1.5” interior leg protects against water entering the inside of your home and the back leg of each sliding panel penetrates the track for additional protection against exterior elements. The “Water Barrier” sill is available in either Dark Bronze or Satin Class 1 Anodized finishes.
  • The “Flush” sill is ideal for conditions in which ease of entry is more important than weather performance. The interior and exterior height of the sill is only .75” and can flush out with most interior flooring for a smooth transition outside. The track sill provides some protection against weather as the back leg of each sliding panel penetrates the track to protect against exterior elements. The “Flush” sill traps and diverts water to the exterior, but will not prevent water penetration from blowing rain or pressure from a water hose. The “Flush” sill is available in either Dark Bronze or Satin Class 1 Anodized finishes.
  • The “Thinline” sill is ideal for conditions in which the customer is looking for a nearly seamless transition of flooring or countertop from the inside to the outside. It consists of staggered tracks exposing only a thinline where the panels roll as the finished floor is installed in between. The Thinline sill almost disappears completely but does not provide protection from water penetration. The “Thinline Sill” is always finished in our Warmtone color but it will not be visible to the eye once the finished floor is installed.

Configurations - Western Window Systems

If you would like to view the parts individually from the slideshow above please click on any of the items below to view without motion.  We hope these images will give you a better understanding of the quality and clarity of our products and hardware that is associated within each product line.

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Series 600 Multi-Slide Door Hardware and CAD Detail Samples